Leadership and team development

How can we increase productivity in a context of scarce resources? Do we invest in technology? Do we hire someone else? Or do we stick to our team and support it do more, better, and even enjoy doing it?

The answer is to develop the team at all levels. In every organization we find mistrust, complicated relationships, lack of alignment and commitment and personal agendas. The effort we invest in pushing our particular interest through is the energy we are taking away of supporting the common purpose and obtaining greater results. How much more money could we be making? How more efficient could we be? Does it affect the reputation of our organization? We can hire more people or invest in technology, but if we do not act on the team we will still have the same basic problems.

At The Growth Activist, we advocate for collaborative environments, nourished with trust, open communication and a constructive spirit. These are critical to the success of organizations in today's complex, uncertain and changing context. An environment defined by the technological acceleration and a more skilled human capital, which claim autonomy and participation in decision-making. We approach it with a thorough methodology to support you from the diagnostic process to the implementation of changes in work routines and processes.

Our commitment is full process support and involvement with the client.

Strategic deliberations and dialogue

What is that place we believe we deserve? Where are we now? What is the stretch? Are we prepared? What are we forgetting or not paying attention to? What are we resisting? Why are we betting on one thing and not the other? Are there any other possibilities? Are we being courageous or fearful? Big decisions often depend more on the unconscious than on what we are aware we know. Much relevant information is hidden in the world of emotions, intuitions, and unconscious knowledge. What would these decisions be like if we had access to this information?

Most of the decision making in organisations is based on the knowledge avaiable to the ladership. This is just a tiny share of what the organisation actually knows. To capture the collective intelligence of the organization, we use the dialogic methodology, which helps us to tap into alternative sources of organisational knowledge and build a more complete picture of the whole, integrating fragmented perspectives and overcoming unconscious flaws.

The Growth Activist helps you open your perspective and incorporate information with facilitators trained in systems analysis and systems coaching, who will target at the limiting patterns to get the most out of deliberative exploration. The facilitator brings in a fresh gaze to help you make decisions more aligned with the intended impact, identifying blind spots, unexplored possibilities, unconfessed wishes, or internal resistances that can make the project derail.

Communication for leadership

There are two ways of understanding communication: whether as a construction based on others, on those we want to reach, whether the one that emanates from who I already am. The first denotes a lack of clarity about who we are as individuals or as an organization, though it also expresses a desire to be, a space for growth and construction, probably still not defined. On the other side, the later shows conviction and purpose, two characteristics of leadership, necessary but no sufficient.

Effective communication is intimately linked to a series of leadership skills. Often, our communication is not being effective because we try to disguise the parts of us that we distrust, whether as individuals or as an organization. It may also be that we are clear about the space we want to occupy, but we are not able to anchor our speech to reality. Thus, it means that we are not using the main skills of servant leadership and we are disconnected from the context on which we want to act and communicate.

Whether for one thing or the other, we can help you to recognize yourself as a servant leader and structure a powerful, efficient and persuasive communication style.