Why do we do the things we do the way we do? Is that a way of doing that brings me the desired outcomes or there are other ways?

To parents with teens deciding what to study

We are sprinting towards the end of this scholar year. Adults and young people are tired, probably even more this...

Imprints and erosions: Covid and the organizational (mis)communication

This morning, after the shower, I discovered marks behind my ears. The abrasion of the elastic bands of the masks....

In the mud

Last Monday I went for a run. I like to get lost in the woods. It makes me feel good,...

Leadership and knowledge management in the face of complexity

A friend asks me why so many people are burned out at work and how can human resources policies shift...

Is communication undermining the results in your organization? Three perspectives to explore

Salome Guerra is our fictional character for cases based on reality. In the middle of her life, she has learned...