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Hèctor Verdú Martí reserves the right to unilaterally modify at any time the conditions of use for its website as well as the right to suspend, discontinue or cease operation of its website or any content, information or services provided therein, or the conditions of access to them.


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Hèctor Verdú Martí assumes no liability either direct, indirect or subsidiary on the damages that may result from access, legitimacy, accuracy, use, quality, reliability and precision of the information contained or expressed, existing or offered in the hyperlinks referred to on this page. The links do not imply in any case the existence of any kind of relationship between Hèctor Verdú Martí and the owner of the web page in which they are established, nor the acceptance or approval of Hèctor Verdú Martí of contents or services offered therein and made available to the public.

Privacy Policy

User’s personal data are collected in some parts of this website. The personal data will be added to a file held by Hèctor Verdú Martí, always complying with Data Protection Agency Regulations.

The user providing personal information to Hèctor Verdú Martí expressly consents to its incorporating to the said file and to its treatment by Hèctor Verdú Martí for use in fulfilling its duties or for any other use indicated in the time of collection of such data.

Some data are listed in the data collection form as mandatory and others without that trait. Failure to supply the data marked as “mandatory” will result in Hèctor Verdú Martí not providing the service to which data is requested.

No confidential information should be provided to Hèctor Verdú Martí through its site, and Hèctor Verdú Martí shall take no responsibility whatsoever as to possible damages users might suffer in that respect. To help Hèctor Verdú Martí users’ improve experience, Hèctor Verdú Martí might track users’ navigation and use of this site.

The processing of personal data supplied by the user is made in strict compliance with current regulations and especially in compliance with the Spanish Organic Act 3/2018 on Personal Data Protection. Hèctor Verdú Martí is committed to maintaining the conditions of confidentiality and security of the personal data provided by users under the terms of the legislation. Hèctor Verdú Martí is not responsible, however, for the access, modification, treatment, loss or illegal use of user data by a third party.
Users may exercise their right of access, modification or cancellation under the current regulations addressing contact mail: Your rescinding the consent stated above is not retroactive.

Users will be held responsible for the accuracy and updating of the data included in the forms completed. Hèctor Verdú Martí is not responsible for any damage that may arise from the lack of accuracy or the inaccuracy of personal data supplied by the user.

Intellectual Property

The different contents and elements that make up this website including text, images, designs, sounds, software, databases, video etc. are protected by Hèctor Verdú Martí intellectual property rights. Users agree to respect these rights and not to make any use of them which may violate such rights, such as copying, reproduction, alteration, modification, disclosure or communication.

Users are allowed to view, print, copy or download the contents of this website for private personal use only, provided that the source, author and copyright symbol is included, ie it should always include reference to the ownership of Hèctor Verdú Martí, or the owner as indicated. The use of elements and contents of this website for commercial gain is expressly prohibited, as well as any alteration, change, modification or adaptation of this site or any information it contains.

All trademarks, trade names or logos cited on this website, both of Hèctor Verdú Martí and third parties, are protected by intellectual property laws.

Warranties and Disclaimer

Hèctor Verdú Martí does not guarantee the availability or operation of this website nor the suitability of its contents, not being liable under any circumstances for any damages or losses arising from:
Lack of availability or continuity of the website or sites to which a link has been established.

Faults in computer or telecommunications systems, failures in access to web pages on the site or the existence of viruses or harmful content of this website.

Lack of suitability of the services or content on this website for specific purposes of the users.

Actions by other users or third parties using in an unlawful or contrary to bona fide way contents made available on this website or in any way that run counter to the general conditions.

Law and Jurisdiction

These terms of use and the provision of services that could be done through the Hèctor Verdú Martí website are subject to Spanish law.
The parties expressly renounce any other jurisdiction that may correspond to agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Rubí (Barcelona, Spain).